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About Our Company

Solar Coatings, Inc. provides spray applied polyurethane foam insulation systems on spheres, tanks, crystallizers, cylinders, pontoons and vessels throughout California.  We also install insulated roofing systems, metal roof coating systems, waterproofing and corrosion protection for commercial and industrial markets.  Our commitment to safety and quality makes our company the chosen contractor for some of the most discriminating companies.  Experienced personnel make the difference in safety, quality and productivity.  The most qualified personnel in the industry plus the ability and availability to work throughout California give Solar Coatings the competitive edge, saving you time and resources.

Solar Coatings, Inc.’s quality is enhanced and demonstrated by an exclusive vendor list that demands quality of the first order.  These vendors include: United Coatings, Bayer, BASF, Gaco Western and Greenshield Products.  Our knowledge of required details and the ability to install those details adequately in cryogenic applications is the basis of our relationships with vendors of polyurethane foams, butyl rubbers, aliphatic urethane finishes and high modulus urethane and urea based coatings.

The evaluation and inspection by a third party inspection lab of projects installed insures excellence in every application.  Warranties provided by Fortune 500 vendors relieve you and the owner of problems and anxiety for up to 20 years. 

Solar Coatings, Inc. provides solutions to your problems without interrupting customer operations.  References can be provided to assure that choosing Solar Coatings, Inc. is the safest, most economical and wisest choice available.
The quality of our product is a direct function or our personnel and equipment.  Through our exclusive resource sharing agreements we maintain more than twenty-one complete foam rigs capable of completing any size project according to your requirements.  All of our equipment is manufactured to our specifications by Graco – the largest equipment manufacturer in the world.

Our qualifications, safety and reputation in this industry are second to none.
We have a complete safety plan and our OSHA logs are current.

We have a competitive edge through management, supervision and talent.

We look forward to providing you with the best solution for your next project.

Qualified Applicator

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About Lee Parker

In 1978 I started my career spraying urethane foam on the inside of potato storage barns.  In 1981 I moved to California and took a job sandblasting steel structures.  As a result I learned to use epoxy, zinc primers and urethane primers and coatings. This was my first experience of using a swing stage off the side of a 70’ tanks.  I also sprayed Butyl Rubber coating base coating vapor barrier followed by a urethane top coating.

In 1984 I had the experience of going to Korea and completing roofs and hangers for the U.S. Army bases throughout the country.  We completed projects ranging from 50,000 square feet down to 3,000 square feet.  I travelled throughout the country hiring workers from Korea which meant speaking their language, training with these language barriers, and traversing the country.

In 1985 I started working for Dynathane Inc. on a large project for E & J Gallo Winery where I became the supervisor for a crew of 35 to 40 laborers whose duties included sand blasting, foaming, and coating.  Later that year in Sacramento, we applied some of the first commercially available polyurea based coatings and vapor barriers in conjunction with urethane top coatings.   We completed a total of around 190, 300,000 to 650,000 gallon tanks for Gallo Winery and other small wineries in the Napa area all on budget and on time.  I became fluent in safety supervision, equipment maintenance, and material usage as well as a personnel manager. 

After my tenure at Dynathane, Inc. I took a position at Solarguard Foam Systems, Incorporated for whom I worked for more than 19 years.  My experience of project management and knowing the variances between each manufactures foam materials and equipment has become second nature after thirty years in the business.  I have had the ability to discuss with material suppliers the nuances of the products to aid them in troubleshooting and improving their products. 

Over the past twenty years, I’ve personally sprayed polyurethane foam “cool roof” systems on over 1,500 projects.  I have ample experience and ability to provide you, the customer with a quality trouble free project within all of the OSHA and State and Federal Government regulations.