About Solar Coatings, Inc.

Solarcoatings' owner, Lee Parker, started foam roofing as a teen, and has been in this business for over 40 years. He started his own business in 2008 so that he could concentrate on a quality end product. Lee is also a certified contractor, and in many cases has exposed potential issues to project owners, securing a roof that is solid with the correct drainage resulting in long-term life. Lee Parker is as transparent at they come in this business, he will not sell a job just to "get paid." He cares about customer satisfaction. Many other companies can sell customers a job and owners won't know that there are serious issues and problems in the 5 to 10 year plan because they sell the job and send worker's who have no investment in the company out to perform the foam roofing. They just cover it, they don't provide the experienced insight that Lee Parker gives to his customers.

Solar Coatings, Inc. provides solutions to your problems without interrupting customer operations. References can be provided to assure that choosing Solar Coatings, Inc. is the safest, most economical and wisest choice available. The quality of our product is a direct function or our personnel and equipment. Through our exclusive resource sharing agreements we maintain more than twenty-one complete foam rigs capable of completing any size project according to your requirements. All of our equipment is manufactured to our specifications by Graco – the largest equipment manufacturer in the world.

Our qualifications, safety and reputation in this industry are second to none. We have a complete safety plan and our OSHA logs are current. We have a competitive edge through management, supervision and talent.